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Helping math teachers get excited about teaching math and moving forward with immense student growth.

Navigating Middle Math

Based on years of research, coaching, and application, the High-Impact Math Method & 5-G Coaching process were developed and proven to work. Your teachers will walk into school each day excited for the lesson they've prepared with a research-based structure that they are certain will lead the students to success with the standards.  I work with math teachers primarily through our High-Impact Math Teachers membership and professional learning workshop options.

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It's not too late to show your students the possibility of math. Empower them with the confidence to defy all odds, think critically, and solve problems...inside the math classroom...and beyond. It's time to get fired up about teaching math again!


Having a Peaceful, Calm, Effective Classroom

Your students are engaged in meaningful discussions, leaning into their individual strengths to support one another through challenges.


Using High-Impact Instructional Strategies 

You have a toolkit you can pull from to confidently teach your students using strategies that are proven to help students make major leaps in math (instead of tiny, incremental gains).


Witnessing Individual Student Growth

Each student is making steady gains toward their individual goals. Students feel seen, understood, and empowered.

People During Workshop

"Michelle is an image of a servant leader, ready to anticipate both student and teacher needs. She works to bring out the best in teachers she works with by preparing meaningful conversations to meet student needs in relation to their social, emotional, and academic growth."

Jose, Math Teacher

Professional Learning Workshops

It is possible to be a passionate, effective, hopeful teacher again! When your campus signs up for a workshop, you get ongoing support throughout the year, plus my 5G coaching model programming. I have three core workshop options:


Moving the Middle Math Learner

Knowing and understanding the vertical alignment of math and the unique characteristics of adolescents enables you to combine concepts and skills to bridge the gap for struggling students.


Ownership- Flip the Switch: Getting Students to Own Their Learning

Use learning strategies that encourage students to play active, not passive, roles in their learning; students take more ownership in not only what they learn but how they learn.


Equity - Creating A Community Where All Students Flourish as Mathematicians

Creating an engaging equitable classroom where every child is engaged to be a risk-taker and motivated to participate in their learning.

"Michelle believed in me. Through her coaching, I have been able to implement various instructional strategies. I love teaching again!"

Kim, Math Teacher

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Mindset – Motivating Students to Shift from I Can’t, to Look at Me!

Creating a classroom where every child is engaged to be a risk-taker and is motivated to participate in their learning.

Click the link below to access the online course in popPD. 


Ready to get started?

Contact me directly or ask your administration to inquire about how the membership and workshops could positively impact you, your team, and your students this year!

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