Hi! I'm Michelle, and I help administrators and math teachers develop a path for student success.

My name is Michelle Nance, M. Ed, and I have been an educator for over 30 years. 

My passion for students has taken me from the classroom to district math positions to campus administration now back to the classroom. My workshops and coaching programs provide proven and practical strategies. I love to travel, and I've presented at both the local and state level. I'm known for engaging, authentic, effective, and gutsy practices.

Becoming certified through NAESP Principal Mentor Program-Leadership Immersion InstituteTexas A&M University's Leadership Institute, and Personal & Executive Coach Program


gave me tremendous opportunities to implement and use critical skills to coach educators. 

As administrator and district personnel, I used these pieces of training to develop insider tools that have CRACKED THE CODE to help jumpstart teachers and teams. 

Helping educators along this path of transformation is my great joy, which is why I'm so passionate about creating the right coaching program to impact and support your new, overwhelmed, and even high-performing educators.


In addition to working with teachers and administrators, I am a mom, avid reader, a coffee fanatic, and an aspiring Sous-chef who has a wanderlust for traveling.

Some may say I'm passionate about helping educators -- and some even describe me as having defiant hope to help others. (I blame it on being raised by a single mom in the projects. And from the genes of my immigrant grandparents.) Self-determined, hospitable, and never admitting defeat while being courageous are traits I get from being Polish and Italian.

"I want to be the one to help you escape the ordinary and embrace the detours that so often happen. To be uniquely you!"


- Michelle Nance

After serving multiple campuses as an administrator, my passion to serve is even stronger.

I totally get what is like trying to juggle schedules, staff, parents, crises, and both student and district requirements these days. I understand how you are giving of yourself, juggling your school’s needs and your family's needs. And too often, we burn ourselves out doing it all! Today’s educational terrain is more challenging and requires a steeper, higher climb. 
For the leader who takes on an at-risk school, I will help you navigate as you control at the wheel. I want to be the one to help you escape the ordinary and embrace the detours that so often happen. To be uniquely you! Because we all need a safe place as we learn. A place to collaborate with no judgments and someone who will ask us questions as we seek solutions. A community to hang out and have fun.

Hey Middle-Grade Math Teachers. I know you’re struggling. Going into your classroom to teach every day is starting to feel heavy because of the weight you’re carrying.

You have your administrators showing you the data (which is always full of doom and gloom), your students are bored and unmotivated, and families who have thrown their hands up, feeling totally helpless.

It’s like everyone around you has accepted math defeat.

You know how life-changing math can be, and you know that problem-solving skills and critical thinking can unlock opportunities for your students, not just in math… but in every area of their lives.