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Maybe you’re feeling uncertain, and a little out of whack will all that has happened this past year. Should you keep calm and carry on? Or should you join the crowds and buy ALL the pasta? I don’t have all the answers, heck!

I’m not sure anyone does. But I want you to know that I am here, and

I want your success!


In the last few months, I’ve been coaching and supporting many educators.

And here are my top takeaways that I hope will help you navigate this time.

It’s time to:

  • Get your groove back on after this past year

  • Rebuild your strength and reenergize

  • Refocus and reframe your vision

  • Flush away the stress and give yourself some                self-compassion      

 “Navigating Your Path to Joy: It’s Time to Tap into Your Super Powers!”

is a self-paced mini-course to help you get your groove back this summer.

My promise to you:

Everything I’ll show you has been proven to work to energize you, create balance, establish happiness, and create positive momentum.

You will learn how to Glow by:

  • Create habits and daily routines aligned to YOUR vision and establish balance and boundaries

  • Change your thinking and reactions when you encounter those triggers that set you off

          You will establish Positive Practices that will:

  • Empower you to use your strengths to overcome the obstacles

  • Equip you to move forward

  • Create happiness and joy

So, you can Successfully Sustain your Best Life Yet!

I’ve struggled with setting boundaries, trying to do it all, and feeling responsible for everything and everyone. When I finally learned if I don’t show myself some self-compassion and set boundaries, I was really not helping anyone. What I was really doing was really saying, “No, to being available to what mattered.”


Taking time to pause, build and develop some habits that aligned to my vision of who I wanted to be, empowered me to say, “Yes to what mattered and be energize to do what mattered most.”

Mom and a Child

Why is this important today?

More people are suffering from stress than ever before.

Meet Jessie

She was frustrated and tired from juggling being a new mom, teaching, and giving to her students. But, after working with her this year, she said she was feeling more energized, joyful, free, and relaxed.


Introducing the answer to achieving freedom, being energized, and feeling joyful and relaxed.

“Navigating Your Path

to Joy:

It’s Time to Tap into Your Super Powers!”

Module 1

  • Give yourself self-compassion

  • Unlock your superpower strengths

  • Create energy with clarity toward your vision

Module 2

  • Discover Ways to Generate Energy

  • Build Habits that Create Momentum

  • Set Boundaries to Avoid “Overwhelmtion”

Module 3

  • Build Momentum

  • Strengthen Your Base

  • Keep Glowing by Overcoming Obstacles & Avoiding Traps

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Take a Peek Inside

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Who is the Math Teacher Whisperer?

I am an educator (mom/grandmother/boy mom),

who has a wanderlust for traveling and make-believe Sous-chef.

  • Some may say I am generous, cheerful, and diligent. Others say I am passionate about helping teachers even describe me as having defiant hope to help others. (I blame it on being raised by a single mom in the projects. And from the genes of my immigrant grandparents. Self-determined, hospitable, never admitting defeat while being courageous are traits I get from being Polish and Italian.)


  • I want to support and coach math teachers because I have seen how hard teachers work and juggle all the demands trying to close the achievement gap. I know how hard this is because I walked back into the classroom after many years as an administrator. I have watched many great teachers walk away from the classroom because they feel frustrated. Many more are dragging themselves home at the end of the day, feeling defeated. I want to take all the learning I received throughout the years that I applied to the classroom to empower teachers to be energized and excited about closing the gap in student achievement.


I want to be the one to help you escape the ordinary and

embrace the detours that so often happen.

To be uniquely you!

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The question really is where will you be 6 months from now if you

don’t take action now on realigning your vision, creating positive patterns and habits, and establishing boundaries?

Here’s what to do next. Click below to get access.


I can’t wait to meet you to get started.

I want your success!


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