The cycle of challenge, triumph, and expansion is contagious. Challenges often cause educators to

stop moving forward, because living with known discomfort is easier than changing.

I will work with you coaching teachers and developing teams of teachers who learn and discover together.

Contact me so that your campus can move from challenges to triumphs to expansion!

Mrs. Nance has a talent for questioning that gets to the core issues and works to solve it instead of providing a band-aid fix. She never gives me generic advice, or one size fits all solutions. Mrs. Nance listens to my thoughts & ideas and works with me to find my own solutions so that I can grow as a coach. She works alongside me and cultivates the skills I need to make an impact on my campus. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with her and see the growth in my coaching abilities as a result.  - Kristin V., Instructional Coach


"Michelle is an image of a servant leader, ready to anticipate both student and teacher needs. She works to bring out the best in teachers she works with by preparing meaningful conversations to meet student needs in relation to their social, emotional, and academic growth." - Kay

"Thanks for modeling some great strategies! I like the "Hit &Pause" Strategy to give students time to reflect, clarify & correct! I loved the "Retrieval Practice". I love the idea of utilizing technology allowing kids to try again with missed problems." - Joni T

"Thank you for all these great ideas!! This was a great PD for really teaching kids math!" - Sara M, San Antonio

"Michelle is energetic with great ideas. Her excitement for mathematics was contagious." – AGC Attendee

"The percentage of gains she received with her students is reflective of her knowledge of how students learn and grow." – AGC Attendee

"Love how Michelle started with ownership before math. The strategies were well explained and there were many! - Lorna S., Monster Math Workshop Attendee

"Thank you, Michelle, for always believing in me and coaching me. I have grown as an instructional coach with your servant leadership." -  Chris


“Michelle has a deep knowledge of how to analyze data creating systems for struggling students to succeed." – Stan


"Michelle believed in me. Through her leadership, I have been able to implement various instructional strategies. I love teaching again!"- Kim

"Michelle was key in the processes for developing programs and procedures to build academic and affective success with teachers and students. She supervised a 6A campus with a 70% low SES student population and a high ELL population. Collecting data from campus common and state assessments, attendance, grades, past discipline, and student interviews provided insight for creating effective programs and interventions for ELLs." – The principal of a 6A High School

"Her knowledge of special student groups such as special education, 504, English language learners, and gifted learners was a huge advantage to both campuses she served. Michelle helped coordinate and was an active participant in ARD meetings, LPAC committees, and master scheduling. The principals and teachers came to rely on Michelle for her professionalism and kind demeanor when working with students and ensuring they were receiving the services they needed. She is a team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of her colleagues." – Associate Superintendent

"Whether equipping Special Education teachers with strategies to help students with special needs better access the curriculum, helping teachers design strategies to motivate students to take ownership in their own learning and/or coaching workshops to equip school leaders, Mrs. Nance helps to guide educators in examining the needs of their organization and working collectively to make continuous improvement." - Administrator


Michelle received her master’s degree in mathematics education. She was one of a few selected to receive a scholarship by the National Science Foundation to take part in the Middle School Math Project. - National Science Foundation

"Good balance of information, movement, engagement, practice, and anecdotal information." – Math workshop Attendee


"Great presenter with wonderful knowledge to share. I see and feel her passion for the work that she does and shares." – Math Workshop Attendee

"Maximizing instructional time was HUGE! Energetic and motivating."- Math Workshop Attendee

Michelle will work to customize professional development to motivate your teachers. Topics include increasing student ownership, establishing a growth mindset, providing engaging effective instructional strategies, developing mathematical conceptual development for depth and rigor, designing an environment to meet the social, emotional needs of students, and creating an engaging classroom. 

Michelle will coach you and your team to meet the needs of your campus and staff. The experience she brings will help develop a strategic plan with real actionable steps to engage your staff. Moving your campus and teachers through the cycle from challenges to triumph to expansion.

When students are not successful and engaged in what you teach, no one wins! One day a woman went to Ghandi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating sugar. He told the mom to come back in a week. Upon returning a week later, she asked for him to tell her son to stop eating sugar. Ghandi looked at her son and said, "Stop eating sugar." The woman replied, "You could have said that last week." Ghandi responded, "I needed to see if I could stop eating sugar.


" I wanted to see if I could employ the strategies that engage students. Returning to the classroom has given me a fresh perspective on student learning."