Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Break Up with Stress

During times of stress, your body produces a cocktail of hormones to make it easier for you to deal with the situation. The problem comes when stress is chronic because it begins to wreak havoc on your body. Suddenly, you’re developing symptoms that all seem unrelated but in truth have one underlying cause: stress.

Stress doesn’t have to be a part of your daily life. There are many things you can do today to create a life that’s filled with the peace and serenity you crave.

Leanna contacted me after my ASCD session to for a free coaching call. She told me she had been feeling sluggish, with no energy, and experiencing frequent headaches.

She told me she went to the doctor’s office fearing she was seriously ill. But after several weeks of testing, her doctor reported that she was in good health. Her doctor concluded that her symptoms were caused by the stress of her new responsibilities and encouraged her to look for ways to reduce her stress.

Unfortunately, Leanna isn’t alone. Many people experience troubling physical symptoms with no clear-cut cause. It’s not until after they start digging deep, they discover the real issue is stress.

I definitely can relate. I am sure you can also. I have been hearing the same things from other educators I have been working with and coaching. Leanna said she tried two of the strategies from the session.

Experimenting with

Change of place + Change of pace = Change of perspective

& Permission Slips:

She began experimenting with new outdoor places and changing her pace during the evenings or weekends. This definitely helped her gain a new perspective during the week. She began trying new hobbies and exploring new outdoor activities every few weeks.

She also gave herself permission slips to say, “No.” Just because it is a great opportunity does not mean it is for her right now.

It is hard to say no, so here is your permission slip to say, “No.”

Leanna said she was calling to say thanks and let me know these two strategies have helped relieve some of the stress.

Do you want to say “goodbye” to stress? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and rundown by all you have to get done? Do you long for time to simply sit still and relax in your day?

With the Breakup with Stress workbook, you’ll discover how to identify your sources of stress, create an action plan to let them go, and design a peace-filled life. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in your workbook…

· The Two Types of Stress & Why It Matters

· Where Does Your Stress Stem from?

· Navigating Immovable Stress

· Design a Stress-Free Environment

· Stepping Back Creates Freedom from Stress

· Choosing Joy & Peace Over Stress

Transform your life by breaking up with stress!

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