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Michelle’s passion has led her to many ventures such as administration, instructional coaching, teaching, and district level positions. Michelle's 30 years in education have been on Title I campuses. She has earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics, and a second degree in School Administration. Michelle has written assessments for Brainchild and curriculum for the Texas Education Agency.
She has been selected to present at local, district, state, and national conferences. Having recently returned to the classroom she has fresh insight and renewed passion to help implement instructional practices in mathematics for student success. She enjoys working with teachers and staff to stay student-focused for academic success. By building relationships she enables educators to have the courage to shape a better future. Michelle is impelled to change the world for the better one educator, one child at a time.



Get ready to watch as your teachers effectively implement rigorous standards and evidence-based instructional practices.  

Michelle will work to customize professional development to motivate your teachers. Topics include increasing student ownership, establishing a growth mindset, providing engaging effective instructional strategies, developing mathematical conceptual development for depth and rigor, designing an environment to meet the social, emotional needs of students, and creating an engaging classroom. 

Michelle will coach you and your team to meet the needs of your campus and staff. The experience she brings will help develop a strategic plan with real actionable steps to engage your staff. Moving your campus and teachers through the cycle from challenges to triumph to expansion.

When students are not successful and engaged in what you teach, no one wins! One day a woman went to Ghandi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating sugar. He told the mom to come back in a week. Upon returning a week later, she asked for him to tell her son to stop eating sugar. Ghandi looked at her son and said, "Stop eating sugar." The woman replied, "You could have said that last week." Ghandi responded, "I needed to see if I could stop eating sugar.


" I wanted to see if I could employ the strategies that engage students. Returning to the classroom has given me a fresh perspective on student learning."

Coaching teachers to become, passionate, effective team players is my expertise. Contact me now.