Insider Solutions for Struggling
Intermediate Students

Students have a genuine fear and angst upon entering a math classroom. Returning to the classroom after years in administration and curriculum development, I have gained fresh insights implementing strategies that have flipped the switch for struggling learners. These approaches will help you build student confidence and persistence while developing mathematical skills and critical thinking. Discover strategies to accelerate learning to flip the switch for struggling students

You are not alone. You are the Hero. You have Superpowers. Let's put them to work so that you can flip the switch for your struggling learners. 

Strategies For the Struggling Math Student

3 Outstanding Insider Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Struggling Students



MATH CONTENT - Knowing and understanding the vertical alignment of math enables you to combine concepts and skills to bridge the gap for struggling students


OWNERSHIP - Increasing student ownership to create student buy-in so that they monitor their learning 


NOT-YET ATTITUDE - Building a Not-Yet mindset with your students build optimism, tenacity, perseverance, and hope


STRATEGIES - Discovering proven practical strategies that greatly increase student learning and memory retention


TEACHER IMPACT - Impacting students with the secret recipe of teacher influence


ENVIRONMENT - Designing an environment that physically, academically, emotionally and socially supports the whole child


READINESS TO LEARN - Creating a classroom where each and every child is willing to be a risk-taker and desires to be engaged in their learning

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Sound Familiar?

  • You run from student to student reexplaining the math

  • You ask if there are any questions, all you hear are crickets until they start on the first problem

  • Your administrator wants to have a data meeting after a common assessment and asks what you are going to do next

  • You are juggling meetings, lesson planning, other paperwork, and intervention lessons

  • Your students have gaps that are not just from COVID

  • Your students tell you when they enter your room- I am not good at math

  • Your frustrated from attending PD that does not match your needs

  • You just want a safe place to bounce ideas around

  • You would like to get feedback without judgment


  • Moving from frustrated to fired-up

  • Build relationships with hard to reach students

  • Breakthrough roadblocks to increasing student scores

  • Help focus on strategies that are evidence-based

  • Helping to not just catch up, but excel

"Michelle is energetic with great ideas. Her excitement for mathematics was contagious."


- AGC Conference Attendee