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Calling all Math teachers grades 4-9

EAsy to implement, low prep, fun & engaging strategies


Tuesday, December 29th

10:00am to 3:00pm CST

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As we head back to class in January, we know things may continue to change, but here are some easy to implement, low prep, fun and engaging activities to help you and your students finish the year successfully.

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You made it through a really tough semester, YOU ARE AWESOME! We want to celebrate you! 

We compiled easy to implement tips, fun and engaging ideas and resources to help jumpstart the year so that you crush this semester. Watch from your couch, backyard, or technically anywhere you want. We want to provide you with amazing ideas and resources for your classroom. 

Social-Emotional Needs for Teachers

- Brain Breaks with Mental Math

- Easy Strategies to Implement Immediately 

- Social-Emotional Math Activities to Engage Students 

- Fractions Don’t Have to Be Frustrating 

- Working Memory to Promote Math Growth

   Plus Many More!!

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Kevin Dykema

Kevin Dykema is an energetic teacher and presenter who has a passion for mathematics.   He has taught 8th grade math for the past 25 years and is currently teaching at Mattawan (MI)Middle School. Kevin is the co-author of Productive Math Struggle. He also conducts many professional development sessions throughout the United States on the use of manipulatives in the math classroom to develop a conceptual understanding of the math.  Kevin served on the Board of Directors for NCTM from 2016-2019.  Kevin was a 2017 state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Rachel Mane

Rachel Mane is a secondary Math Specialist in North East Independent School District located in San Antonio Texas. She supports both Middle and High School instructional coaches and teachers as well as district curriculum and designing professional development. Rachel has been in education for over 10 years, with teaching experience in multiple states and grade levels. She has presented nationally on Gamification in Secondary Mathematics

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Amy Kines

Amy Kines is a national trainer who brings her passion for student learning and engagement to every client and every project. Amy is a former elementary and middle school teacher, staff development teacher, and instructional specialist and is now president and lead trainer for Ready Aim Teach LLC. With a master’s degree in School Administration from Johns Hopkins University, National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist, and 30 years in education, Amy brings her unwavering commitment for the impact teachers have on students to every presentation.  Amy and team at Ready Aim Teach work with schools and districts across the country on a variety of topics, all centered around student achievement and student learning. 

Frank Kros

Frank Kros, MSW, JD is a career child advocate with more than 30 years of experience with children, youth and families. Frank has served as a childcare worker, child abuse investigator, children’s home administrator, consultant, professor, attorney, writer and speaker Frank was the recipient of the 2019 Advocate of the Year Award from the Maryland State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect and Maryland Essentials for Childhood. He is a member of an elite group trained on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and added the title of “Master ACEs Trainer” to his bio in 2018.

Jeff Lisciandrello

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover and an education consultant specializing in student-centered learning. His 3-Bridges Design for Learning helps schools explore innovative practices within traditional settings. He enjoys helping educators embrace inquiry-based and personalized approaches to instruction. You can connect with him via Twitter @EdTechJeff

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Marilee Sprenger

Marilee Sprenger is an educational consultant focusing on SEL and the brain. In 1992 she trained with Eric Jensen and has been sharing her knowledge of the brain and learning.  She has authored 13 books all related to the brain, learning, and memory. Writing her book about SEL and the brain helped her with her own childhood trauma, and she now shares how teachers can make a difference in the lives of children through trauma-informed SEL. Sprenger is a member of the American Academy of Neurology. Her keynote and workshop competence makes her a sought-after speaker and consultant. 

Michelle Nance

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics, and a Master of Education in School Administration. During Michelle’s 32-year career in education, she has served in a variety of positions, including administrator on Title I campuses, instructional coach, teacher, and various district-level positions. In her more recent job, she went back to the classroom instructing mathematics. Returning to the classroom gave her a fresh perspective and renewed joy for education. She was thrilled by the results her fellow teachers and she saw with my MONSTER Math strategies. She is delighted to share her successes through Nance Educational Solutions.

Shylla Webb

Shylla Webb is committed to educating students, teachers, leaders, and the community on social, emotional, and mental well-being. She holds an M.S. in Special Education, a B.E.S in Education, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, and is a Mindfulness Teacher. Shylla has been an educator for the past 22 years, serving the roles of a paraprofessional, special education teacher, and special education coordinator within public and private schools serving students pre-kindergarten through grade 12. While she has spent the majority of her career working with students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), she has also served various leadership roles in the areas of Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Shylla is driven to help members at all levels of public education to overcome barriers that impact their ability to succeed.

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Candice Wilson-McCain

Candice Wilson-McCain is a project-based learning consultant, host of the Impactful PBL Podcast, and the Impactful PBL Network, a professional learning community for STEM educators or educators working at STEM schools that integrates PBL instructional practices. She is also the Founder of Fly Math Club, a math-based leadership development program with a mission to strengthen girls' math identity by building their confidence and competence using financial literacy infused activities via clubs.

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Techniques to help you with your  stress and your students


Activities to bring fun back into the classroom


Strategies for teaching remotely, face-to-face

or both


Receive ways to help students stay engaged

with you

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Teaching With Reduced Stress

Participants will learn simple, yet highly effective strategies to help reduce the stress educators experience today. These stress-reducing strategies are designed to complement an educator's various challenges within a day.

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Number Proofs: A Fun, Hands-On Activity To Build Numeracy and Reasoning

In this workshop, you’ll learn how Always, Sometimes, Never Proofs will help you make expressions and equations engaging and hands-on. You’ll use interactive digital tools (Google Slides) to build student engagement and generate meaningful math discussions in your live or online classroom.

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Easy, Quick Writing Strategies to Know if Students Are Really Getting “It”

In this session, receive practical strategies to really know if your students understand the math. These easy to implement writing strategies will not only help students retain the math but help you know how and when to respond. 

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Beyond the Fold: How Foldables® Deepen Learning and Increase Engagement

 Boost student engagement and enhance the learning of abstract math concepts by implementing Foldables® into your classroom. As students conceptualize their learning, they will deepen their thinking and increase their knowledge retention!

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Turn your favorite learning activity into a project-based learning unit

In this session, teachers will explore how to convert their favorite project-based task or challenge into a project-based learning unit using The Impactful PBL Roadmap. We will explore how to plan and implement high-quality project-based learning experiences that promote voice and choice in math classrooms.

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 Fractions Don’t Have to be Frustrating

How can I help students understand fractions?  Come see how using manipulatives can help students understand fraction concepts. Discover why they are a powerful tool; ideas will be shared for equivalence, ordering, and operations with fractions!

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Infusing Social Emotional Learning in Mathematics

 Social Emotional Learning has gained respect and acknowledgment of importance through the pandemic, but how do you use SEL in all grade levels and contents? We will explore instructional Strategies that combine social emotional learning with your mathematics content using the 5 core competencies from CASEL 

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The Strangest Secret: Build Working Memory for Better Math

Working memory is the brain's gateway to all academic learning--especially in math. But teachers aren't often provided concrete strategies to build student working memory to promote math growth. This session will empower you with fun, simple and powerfully effective exercises that will bring students both joy and benefit. Join us for a fascinating look at this remarkable "secret" to improved engagement and performance in math!

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Every Student Has a Story: SEL & the Brain

Every student enters our classroom with their own personal story. Some of those stories are positive and empowering; some are negative and fraught with trauma. By integrating SEL into our classrooms we can reinforce the positive stories and help rewrite the others. Educational neuroscience leads us more swiftly into the integration of Social Emotional Learning which can counterbalance negative experiences with positive ones.

Know someone who might be interested in attending?

Share this page with them so they can register today!