Math Teachers!

It's not too late to show your students the possibility of math.

Empower them with the confidence to defy all odds, think critically, and solve problems...

...inside the math classroom... and beyond.


What If There Was a Way for You to:

It's not too late to show your students the possibility of math.

Empower them with the confidence to defy all odds, think critically, and solve problems...

...inside the math classroom... and beyond.

for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

Hi, I'm Michelle, and
here's what I'd like to share with you...


Don't let your students settle for the math identity they've always known.

It's time to:

➔ Get fired up about teaching math again!

➔ Curate a toolkit of High-Impact Strategies for teaching standards.

➔ Give your students the confidence they need to master any math skill!


Don't worry... I'm here to teach you exactly how to empower your students to solve any problem. Keep reading to find out how this works! (My methods are gutsy... but since you teach adolescents, I already know you're up for the challenge!)

I know what you're thinking...

"There's an impossible pressure to get my kids ready for the test, with so many factors out of my control."


I get it! You don't want to be spending 60 hours a week planning math lessons that are barely closing that giant gap in math knowledge.


We both know what the classroom is really like. Students need to overcome major obstacles and make massive gains to hit high standards.


Let me show you the possibility.


What would it feel like to walk into a math classroom

every day that felt like this:

Peaceful, Calm, Effective Classroom

Your students are engaged in meaningful discussions, leaning into their individual strengths to support one another through challenges.

High-Impact Instructional Strategies

You have a toolkit you can pull from to confidently teach your students using strategies that are proven to help students make major leaps in math (instead of tiny, incremental gains).

Brain-Based Connections

You deeply understand the adolescent brain and what your students need developmentally.

Students as Advocates

Students understand their strengths and advocate for their needs inside the classroom and out.

Seeking Out Challenges

Students understand how life-changing math can be, and they're actively seeking out ways to go out of their math comfort zone.

Individual Student Growth

Each student is making steady gains toward their individual goals. Students feel seen, understood, and empowered.

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I’m a passionate teacher and instructional coach with 32 years of experience on Title 1 campuses, in roles such as administration, instructional coaching, teaching, and district-level positions. I recently returned to the classroom to get some fresh insight and a renewed passion for implementing instructional practices in mathematics for massive student success.

Now I spend my days speaking at national, regional, and state conferences about high-impact math instructional strategies and relationship building. In short, I help students, teachers, families, and administrators see the possibility of math.

Want to know why most surface-level math tactics DON'T ACTUALLY WORK to get students the growth they need?

Regular Math Tactics:

➔ The teacher has great rapport with students, but they aren't making progress in math.

➔ Interactive activities and math centers are taking place, but students are off-task or spending most of the math block waiting for the teacher.

➔ Students are working only as hard as their teacher and family expect them to work. They are motivated mainly by grades, deadlines, and consequences.

➔ Students have learned to demonstrate acceptable proficiency and mask anxiety. They've mastered the art of avoidance, and any gains they have made this year will probably be lost once they "get through" passing the test. (If they "get through" passing the test.)

High-Impact Teaching:

➔ The teacher serves as the coach, pushing the student toward higher expectations and using the relationship to steady student confidence and help students feel heard and understood.

➔ Students have built a community of support, so they can rely on each other for problem-solving and deep, critical thinking.

➔ Students are motivated to improve their individual math skillset because they see the potential. They know how to communicate the need for help, more time, or resources to solve a challenging problem.

➔ Students are going beyond what they have deemed themselves capable of in math because they understand the world of opportunity math will unlock for them today... and every day in the future.

When you're a High-Impact Teacher, you can expect 3 major shifts:

Teacher Satisfaction

You'll show up to your next data meeting with a sparkle in your eye because you have tips and tricks to share with your peers, and a ton of student growth to showcase!

Student Confidence

Your students will approach math with a new attitude. Anyone who walks into your classroom will hear students saying, "I don't know... yet." or "I'm not sure, but it's figure-out-able!" Students will gain momentum through the progress they're making.

Family Support

You're equipping your students with the confidence and hope they need to break generations of stigma around math. Families will undoubtedly feel a sense of pride as they witness this shift.

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • You walk into school each day excited for the lesson you've prepared with a research-based structure that you are certain will lead your students to success with the standards, no matter how rigorous.
  • You are constantly responding to individual student need with ease because you have a toolkit of high-impact strategies to lean on.
  • You're able to quickly assess misconceptions and understand exactly how to adjust plans to address that.
  • Your administrators feel confident that you're helping students meet and exceed expectations.
  • You're being offered opportunities to coach your peers and open your classroom to share your strategies. (Don't say I didn't warn you! Everyone will want to know your "secret"!)

It is possible to be a passionate, effective, hopeful teacher again.

Here's what it's meant to others...

Jose, Math Teacher


"Michelle is an image of a servant leader, ready to anticipate both student and teacher needs. She works to bring out the best in teachers she works with by preparing meaningful conversations to meet student needs in relation to their social, emotional, and academic growth."

Kristin V., Instructional Coach

Michelle has a talent for questioning that gets to the core issues and works to solve them instead of providing a band-aid fix. She never gives me generic advice, or one size fits all solutions. She listens to my thoughts & ideas and works with me to find my own solutions so that I can grow as a coach. She works alongside me and cultivates the skills I need to make an impact on my campus. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with her and see the growth in my coaching abilities as a result.


Susan, Administrator

"Whether equipping Special Education teachers with strategies to help students with special needs better access the curriculum, helping teachers design strategies to motivate students to take ownership in their own learning and/or coaching workshops to equip school leaders, Mrs. Nance helps to guide educators in examining the needs of their organization and working collectively to make continuous improvement."


Kim, Math Teacher

"Michelle believed in me. Through her coaching I have been able to implement various instructional strategies. I love teaching again!"

When you become a High-Impact Math Teacher, you'll be:

  • Creating excitement around math and providing regular opportunities for students to practice higher-level thinking skills, like problem-solving.
  • Engaging in deeper small group and 1:1 conversations while the rest of the class is engaged in meaningful learning.
  • Checking in on students daily, adjusting your teaching based on common misconceptions and real-time data.
  • Helping students see their own individual growth and evaluate success based on their unique strengths.


The High-Impact Math Method

A 5-step teaching structure to create high impact using mindset, brain work, and research-based instructional strategies to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the middle grades math classroom.

Here's what's inside the program:

Navigating the Math Standards

Knowing and understanding the standards, the vertical alignment of math concepts, and how they work together to lead to teacher clarity, leading to higher student achievement. 

Stimulating Brain Power

Using research on how the brain learns and the unique characteristics of adolescent development will generate learning with strong retention. 

Executing High-Impact Instructional Strategies

Using high-impact learning strategies, teachers guide and push students toward higher expectations and, using the relationship, steady student confidence and help students feel heard and understood.

Monitoring Student Thinking & Learning

During this step, teachers gather and analyze student thinking and learning. They constantly respond to individual student needs with ease because they have a toolkit of high-impact strategies to lean on.

 Reflecting & Adjusting

Teachers are able to quickly assess misconceptions and understand exactly how to adjust plans to address that. In addition, they continually reflect on their practice and collaborate with peers. 


LIVE!! Monthly Group High-Impact Math Methods Group Coaching Call & Hot Seat Coaching

 Teachers receive in-real-time support on identifying strategies and easily modifying instruction to meet the needs of each and every student. 

Monthly Roadmaps 

Each month receive additional instructional strategies, informal assessments tools, and ways to activate Brain Power to take and use in the classroom.

Exclusive Community for High-Impact Math Teachers

Where teachers learn how to effectively use action research and peer coaching to obtain gains in student learning. 

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to ensure you show up for your students & your next data meeting with a sparkle in your eye and a ton of student growth to showcase!

Bonus 1

Guest Speakers based on your requests and needs. 

Bonus 2

Free Access to 1 workshop per year.

Here's what's included in The High Impact Math Program:

With this program, you'll get:

1. 5 Core Trainings on how to implement The High Impact Method in your Middle Math Classroom (Value $300)

2. *LIVE* Reflection & In-Time Coaching Workshop Monthly (Value $200)

3. High-Impact Strategy Guide and PDF Overview (Value $100)

4.  Menu of Brain Work and Informal Assessment Strategies to Take & Use in Your Classroom! (Value $100)

5. Monthly Trainings on Brain Power, Informal Assessments, or Instructional Strategies.  (Value $600 for the year).

6. Exclusive Community for High-Impact Middle-Grade Teachers (Value: Priceless!)

7. BONUS! Guest Speakers based on your needs and requests (Value $200)

7. BONUS! 1 FREE Workshop per year (Value $400)

  Total Value = ($1900)




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Are you ready to make High-Impact Math Teaching your next step?

I know that in the face of all the pressure you're feeling, it's easier to close your classroom door and do what you've always done.


But if we want our students to make massive gains and have life-changing mindset shifts that allow them to break the mold, WE have to break the mold too.


I've unlocked the secret to High-Impact Teaching in the Secondary Math Classroom, and I'm ready to share it with you. You're one click away from a world of possibility for you and for your students.


I'll see you on the inside!

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