Nance Educational Solutions implements the strategies you need to confidently and courageously lead your campus. 


Passage to Peak Performance

Whether you are choosing to work to build teams, coach teachers, or executive one-to-one coaching, I will work to implement strategies you need to confidently and courageously lead your campus. ​My sessions will help get you clarity so you will have a greater feeling of energy, and passion. Are you ready to build abundant confidence in work and relationships so that you can live the life you dream of? I have two program routes you can choose from:

Individual Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Programs

My administrator coaching programs provide high-level, strategic equipping and encouragement for principals at every stage of their career to empower their team and make a great change in their communities. I offer three signature 1:1 programs:

Endeavor VIP Package

Within this VIP package, we will connect before the session to discuss your ideas and map out a strategy. We will then spend the 1/2 day discussing in detail and making adjustments to the plan, collaborating and completing tasks cooperatively and individually to make the most of our time. Includes Voxer support.

Duration: 1/2 Day Workshop

Escape the Ordinary

This semester-long program includes a series of coaching sessions in which we identify your focus and strengths. This allows us to then set a passage to move past the ordinary.

Duration: 6 Months

Empowered to Climb

In this year-long 1:1 program, we will use your vision, goals, and strengths to determine the different areas and create your action steps to create forward momentum and commitment to growth without becoming overwhelmed.

Duration: 12 Months


My group programs are created to meet administrators where they need the most support. It is my mission to help principals who feel frustrated, tired, and stuck become fired up and moving forward with immense student growth. We have three group program options:

Base Camp Leadership Academy

With a focus on perfecting systems and working through the transitional phases that come when taking on an academic leadership role, this is the perfect program for new administrators.

Duration: Semester

High Peak Leadership Academy

This year-long program is all about developing the strategies needed to promote and foster teacher growth. Perfect for administrators a few years into their leadership position.

Duration: Academic Year

Intrepid Leadership Academy

This high-level training focuses on creating and rolling out the strategies needed to become a high-performing campus. Perfect for principals a few years into their position.

Duration: Academic Year


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"Whether equipping Special Education teachers with strategies to help students with special needs better access the curriculum, helping teachers design strategies to motivate students to take ownership in their own learning and/or coaching workshops to equip school leaders, Mrs. Nance helps to guide educators in examining the needs of their organization and working collectively to make continuous improvement."

 - Susan, Administrator

Looking for support and training for your middle math teachers? 

Teachers who work with me feel more confident, effective, and motivated and thereby equipped to improve student learning and engagement.