You are not alone, you are the hero, have the superpowers. Let’s put them to work to move your campus from challenge to triumph to expansion.

Step 1

I will collaborate with you to understand the needs, priorities, and challenges that are unique to your campus.

Step 2

We will work together to identify the outcomes with strategically placed mile markers.

Step 3

We will work to build a "can-do" mindset, and attentiveness to student learning using effective protocols and habits with training supported by coaching

Get ready to watch as your teachers effectively implement rigorous standards and evidence-based instructional practices

Code Cracking Coaching

Teacher and Student
Group Lecture

Insider Tools to Jumpstart Your Staff

Insider Tools to Build Effective Teams

Executive Coaching:  Coaching Your Superpower

Whether you are choosing to work to build teams, coach teachers, or executive one-to-one coaching, we will work to implement strategies you need to confidently and courageously lead your campus.

Our sessions will help get you clarity so you will have a greater feeling of energy, and passion;
Building abundant confidence in work and relationships so that you can live the life you dream.

Michelle will work to customize professional development to motivate your teachers. Topics include increasing student ownership, establishing a growth mindset, providing engaging effective instructional strategies, developing mathematical conceptual development for depth and rigor, designing an environment to meet the social, emotional needs of students, and creating an engaging classroom. 

Attending the NAESP Principal Mentor Program-Leadership Immersion Institute, National School Reform: Critical Friends, and Texas A&M University - Leadership Institute: Engaging in Critical Dialogues for School Leaders of Diverse Schools afforded me tremendous opportunities to implement and use critical skill to coach educators.
As administrator and district personnel, I used these pieces of training to develop insider tools that have CRACKED THE CODE to help jumpstart teachers and teams. Together we will develop a specific plan to coach your teachers to embrace a learner-centered approach. You will receive insider tools and methods. Receive ways to identify teachers’ personal drivers, habit-building strategies, and effective protocols that can assist in moving teachers closer to the goal of student gains.


Coaching is the #1 method to impact and support, your new, overwhelmed, and even high performing educators. Virtual Coaching and On-Site when you are ready.

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