5 Easy, Peasy Back to School Activities

back to school Sep 10, 2021

I was coaching Quin this week.

She is a new teacher this year teaching math. We were brainstorming some back-to-school activities that would engage students and tie into math. We wanted to help students ease back into school and also do some informal assessments. One activity we decided on was "Name the Song" using emoji's. The link for the song Emoji's is here and also in the downloadable PDF.

It reminded me of a lesson I did with my math students back when CDs were popular. They would pick an album and rewrite the songs using math terms. then redesign the cover of the CD case. You can watch me demoing this on my IG reels @themathteacherwhisperer. LOL.

Download the PDF for 5 Easy, Peasy Back to School Activities.