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Nance Educational Services supports principals and math teachers with strategies and evidence-based instructional practices needed to reignite a passion for education while energizing and serving students in a way that best promotes student growth. Join me as we navigate your path toward success.

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"Michelle was key in the processes for developing programs and procedures to build academic and affective success with teachers and students. She supervised a 6A campus with a 70% low SES student population and a high ELL population. Collecting data from campus common and state assessments, attendance, grades, past discipline, and student interviews provided insight for creating effective programs and interventions for ELLs."

– The principal of a 6A High School

5 Math Strategies to Engage and Reach the Hard to Teach

But focusing on evidence-based strategies, you can help your students not just catch up but excel in math.

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Michelle Nance, M. Ed. has been an educator for over 30 years. Her passion for students has taken her from the classroom to district math positions to campus administration, and now, back to the classroom.

Michelle does workshops and coaching providing proven, practical strategies. She has presented at the local and state level. She is known for engaging, authentic, effective, and gutsy practices.